The Top 3 Shopping Tips to make Christmas Easy

If you’re anything like me then you love everything to do with Christmas! However if you’re also like me then you dread Christmas shopping. The manic hustle and bustle can really take away from the Christmas festivities, so I’ve come up with my own helpful guide to make Christmas shopping fast and fun!

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Image: O’Callaghan Hotels
  1. Plan The Day   –  How often have you spent hours in a shop,just to realise you forgot seven different things,and now Christmas is ruined for everyone? Avoid this unnecessary frustration by planing your route through town. I find making a checklist really helps you to stay focus on what is needed,rather than what looks good in the Christmas display. This will help avoid unnecessary spending,leaving you with some extra cash for holiday fun!

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  2. Never Shop on an Empty Stomach  –  I can not emphasis enough how important this is! Christmas shopping is hectic enough without adding a growling belly to the mix,and before you know it you’re yelling at the shop assistant in Penny’s for having too many options. Do everyone a favour and avoid the hangry shopping mood. Thank you

    christmas christmas cat tv cat hat
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  3. The Early Bird gets the Bargain  –  The earlier the better! It’s never too early to find that perfect gift,so it’s best to set the alarms and rise and shine.
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    Or you could just do your Christmas shopping online this year…

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    Love Leah


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