Get To Know Jo!

After last weeks blog post, I just couldn’t get Jo Browne Solid Perfumes out of head, or out of my hand for that matter! So this week, I got in contact with the woman who started it all, Joanne Browne. Joanne was delighted to talk to me all about her unique and amazing products, her growing success and what she’s got up her sleeve for the brand.
 Q1 – What gave you the idea to start Jo Browne Natural Solid Perfumes?
A1 – I always remember when I was a little girl, someone had a solid perfume they brought back from Greece and I was obsessed with it. I never bought a spray  perfume in my whole life, and when I started working as  Reflexologist, I would use essential oils on my clients and that’s when the memory came back to me, of that wonderful solid perfume from Greece. So that’s when I started researching and developing my own solid perfumes, it took almost three years to launch Jo Browne Solid Perfume. As I always said in the beginning, I will not launch Jo Browne until everything is perfect.
Q2 – Describe your brand in three words.
A2 – Unique, Organic, Stylish.
Q3 –  What advice would you give to anyone wishing to start a business?
A3 – If you believe you have a great idea, then go with it.
Q4 – Who are your biggest inspirations?
A4 – Anyone that has started a business from scratch and has built it on their own. My Mam and Dad would be my inspiration.
Q5 –  What gave you the idea for the fragrance and image?
A5 – The first scent I created was the Sweet Note, this alone took 6 months. From there I knew I had to make something a bit more floral and this is how the Lemon-grass & Jasmine came about. The Oriental Note was next, I knew I needed to develop something with a stronger scent, so using spice tea and honey and a blend of essential oils and four months of trail and error later, the Oriental Note was born.
My branding is so important to me as I knew if I got this wrong, my company would not stand out. I have a wonderful graphic designer and we just work so well together, it’s like he is reading my mind! The images needed to be different from any other perfume that’s out there now, and so when the customers see my stand, they know straight away it’s a Jo Browne product. Again for all my social media accounts, all the branding stays the same so this builds my company and the branding then gets recognised in retail shops.

Q6 –  What do you like most about your product and why?
A6 – I love the way it’s so travel friendly!
Q7 – What has been your reaction to all your success?
A7- I don’t think it has really sunk in yet, I have been so busy working, I just don’t have time to think. Maybe in January when all the Christmas orders go out… I might just do a big scream of joy.
Q8 – Can you describe your Jo Browne experience in one word?
A8 – Rollercoaster.
Q9 – Whats the next move for Jo Browne now?
A9 – The male solid cologne will be launched in late November, and I am already working on something new to launch in March 2017 😉
Is anyone else completely in love with this brand right now? Follow Jo Browne on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to get your hands on some amazing products or go to the Jo Browne website at to place an order now.
Also check out my last blog on Jo Browne Natural Solid Perfumes to see my full review on all three fabulous fragrances!
Love Leah

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