My Night at RTE!

It’s not everyday you get to see rails after rails of monkey fur costumes, talk about the benefits of medical marijuana and appear on TV… Well it is when you’re at RTE.

Image : LifeByLeah

The number one Irish Television broadcaster, is known across Ireland as the country’s top channel and when I was offered to be a part of a live studio audience, I jumped at the chance!

Every Monday night at half past ten, RTE airs Claire Byrne Live with a live studio audience to give their opinions, experiences and views on the week’s topic. And on the 5th of December, I was lucky enough to be a part of the whole experience myself.

When at RTE, not only did I get to watch the live taping of Claire Byrne, I also got see how TV is really made, what goes on behind the camera and, something that’s played on my mind for years, what do they do on live breaks?!

Don’t worry, I’ll reveal all in due course… but first let me tell you about the set. If you’ve ever seen the show, you’d know to expect the sleek modern style of the Claire Byrne set with hues of purple and pink lighting, what I didn’t expect to see was a large papier-mache elephant in the corner! Yes, that’s right, the Claire Byrne show shares a set with non other than The Late Late Toy Show, which aired the Friday previous. Along with the props, I also saw a glimpse of the costume room while walking along the vas grounds.  It really was a *fan-girl* moment.

Image: LifeByLeah

Getting to see how the show was actually produced was a huge wake up call, getting to see the amount of work that goes into creating an hour long program once a week. Between the makeup crew running on during the breaks for touch ups, the producers constant countdowns on the commercial breaks and the equipment crew holding the mics for the audience participation, there really is so much more to it then what we think!

Image: LifeByLeah

And if you’re as lucky as me, you might just end up on TV… just try not to laugh.

Image may contain: 1 person, close-up
Image: LifeByLeah

Love Leah


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