New Beginnings

New Year’s Resolutions

They divide people. Some see it as a chance to make themselves better… Others see it as a pointless tradition, because we all know they rarely last.

My opinion? I love them. To me, January is the fresh start. A fresh start, a clean break, a new beginning. It’s the perfect chance to make a change. Whether it’s saying goodbye to some bad habits or saying hello to some good ones, I think resolutions are important.

Take this time to reflect, take this time to change, take this time to get to know yourself better. Take this time to decided what you want out of this year and what you want out of this life. Take this time to reflect. It’s important to remember the happy moments you’ve had this year, but it’s just as important to remember the sad moments, because without them, we wouldn’t realise what we have… Reevaluate. Time and time again, reevaluate.

I think it’s worth noting, that resolutions aren’t strictly for January. You can make a resolution every Monday. Set yourself goals. Don’t feel disheartened if you stumble along the way, allow yourself to be human and try again.

In the words of Roddy Doyle’s The Commitments – I Believe in Starts

Love Leah


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