The Top 5 Apps You Should Be Using!

We are living in an online world. A world where our opinions can reach people half way around the globe, where we can edit our lives so we only show our best parts and where we can filter everything in life till its La Vie En Rose.

Social media is an amazing thing! It lets us do so much from following the latest news stories to sharing pictures with your friends to even blogging about your lil life…

Nowadays, in this connected world, you can find an app for anything. And I mean absolutely ANYTHING! Have you heard of Laundrie? The helpful dry cleaning, washing and ironing app helps you find laundry services on demand in Dublin.

I told you. You can get an app for everything. Some, however, are really useful in everyday life.

So, here is a helpful guide of some student friendly apps that I’ve researched and review just for you!

  1. First up on my list is the app, UNIDAYS. Every student needs to know about UNIDAYS. This is the top student friendly app, regardless of gender! This app gives incredible discounts in a wide range of stores for third level students. Price – Free
    Image result for unidays logo
    Image: UNIDAYS


  2. Next on our handy app guide is MyTaxi/Dublin Bus Real Time. There isn’t a day where I don’t use one of these apps! The Dublin Bus Real Time app is perfect for those early morning classes, so you aren’t stranded waiting at the bus stop, giving you those extra mintues in bed. Price – Free! . . . you still need to pay bus fair though.

    Image result for dublin bus logo
    Image: TravelHub
  3. Next we have the popular money-saving app, Pennies. Pennies helps you stay on top of your spending and helps you create a weeking budget. As they say in their app, “it’s fiscal responsibility made fun!” Price – €2.99

    Image result for pennies app
    Image: Pennies
  4. When it comes to music, you have a wide range of apps to chose from! Spotify, iMusic or Music Player are just some of the top in the app store. Spotify Price – Free or Spotify Premium package – €9.99

    Image result for spotify
    Image: EDMChicago
  5. Last but by on means least is the mindful meditation app, Sway. This health app helps you practice mindfulness in your everyday life, helping you find your focus and calm. Price – €2.99

    Image result for sway app
    Image: iTunes

So, what are you waiting for . . . get downloading!

What’s your favourite app? Are you going to try one of myy five? Let me know in the comments below!

Love Leah


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