Think Pink! Benefit Cosmetics Holds an all Pink Charity Shop for Two Very Worthy Causes.

Charity shops go in and out of fashion just as much as the clothes they sell. Whether you like to call it vintage or second-hand, thrift shopping can be amazing… if you know where to go!

Shopping in charity and thrift shops is like looking for buried treasure, you don’t know exactly where it is but you just have to keep digging and hope for the best!

Dublin city is jam-packed with hidden retail gems and they can disappear just as quickly as they popped up. So, when you hear of an amazing offer, it’s best to jump at the chance! And that’s exactly what I did.

Image: LifeByLeah

Benefit Cosmetics Ireland held their annual charity fundraiser this weekend, and what a fundraiser it was! The beauty brand held a weekend long pop-up charity shop to #raiseabrow for two amazing Irish charities, Look Good Feel Better and Daisyhouse. Look Good Feel Better gives support to women going through the phyiscal changes from cancer treatmeant. Daisyhouse Housing Associaition helps give temporary homes to homeless women in Ireland.

It’s pretty clear to see that this charity shop, is a charity shop like no other. With the decor, the lights and the classic Kylie Minogue songs, this is a shopping experience, I’ll never forget.

The #BoldIsBeautiful campaign was held at No 53 South William Street, and trust me, it was hard to miss! With pink everything and the legendary Mark Benefit greeting you at the door, this little pink house belonged more at Disneyland than beside the grey brick buildings of Dublin!

Image: LifeByLeah

It goes without saying that everything in this shop was pink. From a packet of TicTacs to clothes to makeup brushes to fluffy flamingos (yes, really), everything was all shades of PINK!

Charity shops are a great way to help out worthy causes and find something special for you too! When you shop at a charity shop, not only are you giving new life to a piece of fashion, you are helping others along the way!

Image: LifeByLeah

After all, one girls trash is another girls treasure!

What’s the best bargin you’ve ever got in a charity shop? The best gem you’ve ever found? Let me know in the comments below!

Love Leah



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