Irish Music is Making a Comeback!

Traditional Irish music has always been a big part in Irish culture. Music is as old as the history itself, and in Ireland, we have a rich heritage and pride when it comes to our music. The history of Irish music is a long and interesting story, so whether you love some traditional music, dancing along with Riverdance, or you can’t get enough of Ed Sheeran’s new Irish style, take a moment to discover a new world of sound!

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Image: It’s The Dubliners

Music is always changing, always evolving and that’s what makes it always interesting! And whether you’re heading to a concert, relaxing in a pub or just walking around our beautiful towns, you will always find music in Ireland.

Irish has been a key apart in Irish history since the middle ages, and as Ireland began to change so it our culture.

During the 17,00’s, Irish musicians traveled around the country spreading news through music. In these time, music wasn’t written down meaning they had to remember every song by memory! The played instruments like the fiddle, uilleann pipes, and bodhràn.

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Image: Pinterest

As time went on, Irish musicians organised festivals to promote Irish culture. In 1792, there was the first ever Irish Harp Festival held in Belfast.

Ceili bands then formed around the 19,00’s. With a minimum of a ten group band, Ceili bands used to play in church halls and town gathers to play music while others danced.

The Dubliners, The Chieftains and Planxty are just some of the icon names in Irish music who have been upholding the traditions of Irish culture. Now, as we bring ourselves back to the 21st century, Irish bands have moved into pop genres. The Coronas, Picture This and Hometown are the new famous names on the Irish music scene, and with the likes of worldwide superstar, Ed Sheeran giving a new twist to Galway Girl, it’s safe to say that Irish music will continue to be a big part of Irish culture.

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Love Leah


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